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How to Tell When You Need Help with IT Recruiting Jul 21 , 2016

IT recruiting can help your business find the best possible IT hires.

Many companies have trouble figuring out whether they need outside help with their IT recruiting. Sure, recruiting is hard work, and it takes a lot of time and know-how, but isn't it better to handle IT recruiting in-house than to pay someone else to do it? In many cases, the answer to this question is a firm "no." But how can you tell when your business needs IT recruiting help in order to function at its best? Here are some signs to look for.

When Your Workflow is Interrupted For many businesses, the IT department is foundational to keeping the business running smoothly. Without IT support and development of systems for op…

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5 Reasons Summer is Prime IT Job Search Time Jul 14 , 2016

Conducting a job search in the summer means being ready for anything.
Although hiring for many companies does slow down over the summer, there are some ways that summer can be prime time to search for a new IT job. Here are some good reasons why you shouldn't give up on your job search this summer. 1. You won't have as much competition for IT jobs. Since the prevailing wisdom is that summer isn't a good time to job search, conducting an IT job search in the summer can give you a "leg up" on the competition, most of which is off at the beach or at home panicking about how to pay the bills. Job searching in the summer may be your best chance of standing out from the crowd, since the crowd is considerably thinner. 2. You might b… Read More

Best Practices for Recruitment Process Outsourcing Jul 6 , 2016

It's good to have an idea about best practices in recruitment process outsourcing.
Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the use of an outside company to handle some or all of the aspects of recruiting to fill jobs for your business. Companies use RPO to make the hiring process faster and more effective, using the expertise of dedicated recruiters to save time and money as well as attract better talent than they could by their own efforts alone. When it comes to RPO, there are some best practices that set providers apart and ensure that you will get quality services and good results. As more and more companies turn to RPO to meet their growing hiring needs, they still need to be involved enough to know that they are getting qu… Read More

What To Do When You're Desperate For an IT Job Jul 6 , 2016

You might feel desperate about getting a job, but you don't want to show it to a potential employer.

Being desperate has an almost universally negative connotation, but it can be how you feel when you're trying to get an IT job before your savings runs out or you can no longer pay your rent. While you may feel desperate, you don't want to appear that way to a potential employer. By channeling your desperation into a more positive connotation, you can use that sense of urgency as motivation to kick the job search into high gear. Using Motivation In the Right Way It isn't necessarily a bad thing that desperate people will sometimes do what no one else will do to get a job - if you make good decisions about what tha…

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IT Recruiting Explained: What Hiring Managers Need to Know Jul 6 , 2016

Hiring managers need all the help they can get to acquire the best possible IT talent for their company.

As a hiring manager, you may not know what to expect from an IT recruiter or what IT recruiting is all about. Before you decide to have an IT recruiter help your company acquire IT talent, you may want to get an idea about what IT recruiters do. The Idea Behind Using an IT Recruiter Hiring involves a lot of time, energy and know-how. If you have a recruiter take over some or all of the process, it can free up a significant amount of your time for other tasks that you need to accomplish. Another consideration: if your department needs to hire, it is probably already understaffed, which means you as a manager pr…

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6 Things to Expect During Your Summer IT Job Search Jun 30 , 2016

Conducting a serious IT job search during the summer months may feel like trying to cross a desert without any shade.

Summer IT job searches have unexpected challenges that can slow down the process and make it difficult to know how to proceed or where to turn. Knowing what to expect is your best chance to break the logjam, if that is at all possible. Here are some things to expect as you conduct a summer IT job search. 1. The summer slowdown is real. The tendency for companies to "wait until fall" to hire for open positions is a reality that summer IT job seekers must contend with. As you follow up on open positions, however, you can make it clear that you are available immediately. At the very least, active sum…

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Losing Control of Recruiting? RPO Can Help Jun 22 , 2016

RPO can take some stress off company hiring staff or fill a temporary need.

Recruiting is a daunting task for many companies. Writing job descriptions, posting them in as many places as possible, sourcing through social media and website/email contacts, screening resumes, several rounds of interviewing, an outing to determine cultural fit, making an offer, negotiating and onboarding. The Importance of Effective Recruiting It's not unusual for a company to lose control of the recruiting process, or just some aspects of it, after struggling with it for a period of time. The bad thing about losing control of the recruiting process is that it can lead to poor hires. And if your hiring staff doesn't make good hires, i…

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7 Biggest IT Interview Busters Jun 22 , 2016

In an IT interview, always try to be specific and concise.

There are some things that will wreck an IT interview faster than you can say hello. This post will expose some interview busters that you might not expect. 1. Dressing inappropriately Yes, many jobs now allow employees to wear jeans and t-shirts to the office on a daily basis, but interviews still demand business attire. A simple business suit is always the best choice for interview attire, and many if not most IT interviewers will disqualify someone who shows up to an interview dressed too casually. Worse yet: for women, dressing sexy for an IT interview also sends the wrong message. 2. Being too general Most IT managers are precise people, an…

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Top Talent Interview Techniques and Why You Should Copy Them Jun 15 , 2016

Top talent is just as likely to be evaluating the interviewers as they are to be evaluated.

Top talent typically has many opportunities for jobs. Interview opportunities are plentiful, and top talent may turn down as many interviews as they take (if not more). When top talent does interview, they often do so differently than others. Learning from top talent can give you an edge in your interviewing as well. Top Talent Projects Confidence Employers want to see an appropriate level of confidence as they interview candidates. Top talent knows it can do the job, and that it has something of value to offer. In lots of verbal and non-verbal ways, top candidates send the message that they have what it takes to succeed a…

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