Why GDH?

Do you want to find a position that you’re a perfect fit for, instead of just one your qualifications match?

At GDH, we get to know you the person, not just the facts on your resume. Each candidate receives one on one time with our recruiters so we can fully understand what drives you and what’s important. This relationship allows us to match you with an opportunity that’s right for you at a company you’re right for.  

Do you feel stifled at your current job and want an opportunity to improve your skills and grow your career?

Since 2001, we’ve been building relationships with the top IT and telecommunications companies in the country. If you’re unhappy with your current position, chances are we have an opportunity you’d love. Our recruiters don’t try to place you in every position you’re qualified for. They only suggest opportunities that you fit and help you accomplish your goals. 

Do you want continuing support and advocacy throughout your contract?

Our relationship with you doesn’t stop once you’ve gotten the job. From there, we treat you like a member of our team. You’ll receive support from the recruiter who has gotten to know you and helped you every step of the way. We make regular phone calls just to see how everything is going. We are an advocate for you because you are an advertisement for us. We want to see you succeed and help you either attain a full-time position, or move on to your next contract. 

Do you want to be treated as a person, rather than a commodity to be sold?

GDH is not a boutique staffing firm. We’re a high-energy, high-volume business. But, our goal isn’t to simply staff as many candidates as possible. Our goal is to staff as many of the right candidates with the right companies as possible. You are not a commodity at GDH because you can’t get to know a commodity’s personality and what a commodity’s goals are. Our recruiters want to learn about you so that every job they recommend will be one you’re truly interested in.

For these reasons and more, you should work for GDH.

We treat our candidates with the respect they deserve and deliver results through an understanding of what it’s like to be a candidate.

So why work for GDH? Because you’re ready for a job you’re perfect for with an industry leading team standing behind you.

We’re placing candidates just like you in contracts with some of the top IT companies across the country. You’re next.

Find the perfect opportunity!

We're dedicated to developing a relationship with you in order to help you find an opportunity that matches your goals and helps you grow in your career. To learn more, please enjoy this video.