GDH Government Services

Developing Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

At GDH, we strive to not only maximize the quality and efficiency of government agencies and processes but also to do so while using taxpayer dollars in an intelligent and responsible way. Our experience with both state and federal governments allow us to diagnose potential challenges and help to address them.

State and Local Governments: Innovation and Performance

Finding great people to help make your state & local projects productive and scalable isn’t easy. Our dedicated recruitment teams are made up of proactive and passionate talent experts who are committed to finding the talent our clients need to complete their projects on time and under budget. 

At GDH Government Services, we understand the unique challenges faced by each state government entity. We provide IT services and staff augmentation specifically designed for each project so as best to serve and support the individual needs of each of our clients.

We have worked with multiple state governments to improve efficiency and assist in diagnosing and implementing solutions in various departments and capacities.

Our projects have ranged from building multi-million dollar applications to rolling out new operating systems to desktops.
Offering customized, scalable solutions, we provide qualified, fully vetted consultants that help us form partnerships with clients in order to proactively forecast trends and implement lasting, effective changes.

Through our Recruiting Operations Center and multiple local offices, we are able to tap into additional resources when needed and scale up to meet the size and scope of each individual project.

Our custom solutions ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget. For business analysts, project managers, enterprise architects, IT infrastructure security personnel and more, contact GDH Government Services and we will customize a solution for you.

Federal Government: Developing our Nation's Future

Our past experience in IT, Telecommunications, Accounting & Finance, allows us to give our Federal clients confidence that the right people are working on the right projects. We know the laws, the systems, and understand the high pressure of tight budgets, time schedules, and difficult situations and how to navigate them.

Our primary goal for every project at GDH Government Services is to focus on customer satisfaction and exceeding our partners’ expectations.  Whether we are teaming or providing staff augmentation support, mission success is our purpose.

GDH Government Services has extensive experience working with multiple Federal government agencies in both full-cycle end to end project engagements and customized project-based resource provisioning. We form partnerships to mirror the needs of our clients on each individual project, which not only allows us to identify needs but also to effectively and efficiently vet and deliver qualified personnel on time and on budget.

Our experience includes a proven track record of success on various projects supporting Civilian, DoD, Healthcare and Intelligence agencies including but not limited to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Navy, and the National Guard in addition to working with a number of the largest premier technology providers Systems Integrators in the nation.

For solutions in Program and Project Management Services, Application Development, Enterprise Management and advanced services including Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions, Big Data, Network Solutions, Virtualization, Mobility, Voice and Unified Communications VOIP, security and compliance and asset inventory management , GDH Government Services is dedicated to delivery excellence.

With access to hundreds of thousands of qualified IT professionals and the ability to scale through our Recruiting Operations Center, National Accounts Delivery Team and multiple local offices nationwide, we have the expertise and the bandwidth to meet your needs.