Information Technology

IT is the core of GDH. We’ve assembled a knowledgeable team capable of delivering resources for positions ranging from the CIO level down to the helpdesk. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver project-based solutions that match our clients’ needs, which requires flexibility and foresight on our end.

From .Net developers, solution architects, java developers, unix administrators and engineers, as well as security engineers, unified communications, storage and data center technology and much more, GDH IT has the expertise necessary to not only find qualified individuals, but to further qualify those individuals to deliver the elite talent that will also fit our clients’ culture.

We understand that each project, each client and each individual is unique. In order to ensure that we’re matching high-quality consultants with the positions they’re perfect for, we are committed to building relationships with the individuals on each side of a job order.

By partnering with organizations and developing a respectful, business relationship, we’re able to efficiently help meet objectives and strategically plan to achieve future goals.

By building relationships with the top talent across the IT industry, we always have individuals at the ready when the perfect opportunity for them comes our way.

In both cases, we believe in effective communication, which allows us to provide the best resources to our clients and also give our consultants an opportunity to grow their career in an environment where they’ll be successful.

At GDH, we understand the IT industry and we understand how to best match resources with environments. Whether you’re searching for top talent or a life-changing opportunity, let us help you.