GDH’s outcome-driven approach to talent acquisition offers your business a variety of ways to engage the client facing employees (consultants) and employees you need. Explore our areas of industry specialization and workforce solutions, tailored to address unique and evolving recruitment goals.

IT staffing as quick as your business moves.

GDH’s network of IT recruiting experts step in to rapidly fill your technology staffing needs. Our success comes from our nationwide tech talent resources and accelerated IT recruitment and engagement process.

12,500+ consultants

sourced each month for opportunities.


and highly experienced tech industry recruiters serving clients from coast to coast.

Hiring plans

provide our clients with proven processes that expedite hiring.

Unlock recruiting potential with custom staffing solutions.

Rarely are two or more hiring demands the same. GDH understands the complexities of talent recruitment and workforce building. Our custom staffing solutions help:

  • Support growing businesses through hiring surges and workforce transformations
  • Build effective recruitment programs and fill high-volume and hard-to-find roles
  • Address the ups and downs of hiring with customized, scalable recruitment services

Elevate recruiting resources and results with RPO.

With GDH recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), our talent acquisition experts take on the recruitment process from start to finish. Whether managing specific roles or the full recruitment function, GDH RPO delivers hiring results.

  • Decrease candidate acquisition cost by up to 40%
  • Increase candidate quantity and quality
  • Expand the candidate pipeline
  • Improve time to fill

Project-based solutions to meet immediate talent needs.

Looking for added support to tackle a key business project? From tech implementations and office relocations to supporting a merger or building a new product, GDH builds skilled teams with the specialized skill sets needed to get the job done.