GDH provides full life cycle management and expert IT and engineering consultants to execute mission-critical transformation projects for businesses and government agencies.

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A strategic partner in innovation
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Any size, any scope. GDH will deliver.

When digital and transformation projects exceed the capacity of internal resources, GDH can step in with the talent, PMI-based processes, and technology to deliver world-class results. From extensive multiphase, multisite technology rollouts to short-term, one-time application development and hardware deployments, we adapt our solution and team to meet your schedule and business goals.

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Project solutions for business

GDH delivers IT and engineering project solutions of all sizes to businesses across the U.S., including Fortune 500 firms and fast-growing startups.

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Project solutions for government

GDH project are a powerful asset to government entities and contractors facing regulated, contract-based delivery requirements.

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Our life cycle approach to your project success.

Our enduring success in project-based solutions comes from the GDH balance of PMI-based methodologies and our commitment to agility in responding to business and marketplace change. Both a rigorous supervisor of progress and a creative implementor of innovation. GDH delivers projects that change digital and strategic trajectories for the better.

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Project solutions case study


Building a more secure IT networking environment for the U.S. Navy & U.S. Marines

Two military powerhouses leveraged GDH project expertise to build and execute a ticketing system to optimize client engagement and eliminate massive support back logs.

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We specialize in all the extras.

GDH is a company that loves pushing for and getting extra effort. That powerful determination that sets a true partner apart. Our teams are always committed to digging deeper, searching harder, and understanding more in order to deliver the best talent and solutions to our clients.

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