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When a major hospitality company decided to upgrade their property management system, they soon found a huge problem – they didn’t have a team in place to effectively implement the upgrade. They needed help and GDH was asked to find talent to help support a major migration from an outdated, hardware-based property management system to a cloud-based online system for a large international hotel chain with thousands of locations.

Each hotel would need to be upgraded individually to the new system, with staff being trained to use the new system after the old hardware was decommissioned and the new system installed and implemented.

If conducted effectively, the migration intended to improve guest satisfaction, personalize guest services, provide targeted marketing, and handle loyalty rewards–
all at a lower cost that would provide a significant savings for each property and for the brand overall.


GDH provided pre-implementation team who knew or would learn the existing system and become subject matter experts on the new system. Implementation of the new system was the main task of the GDH team. In addition, GDH provided post-implementation teams to handle troubleshooting and issues as they occurred.

GDH began to work with this hotel brand early in the process, bringing in IT talent to train and work onsite to migrate the first hotels. The hotel brand had some personnel but needed to approximately double its workforce for the project.

After some time working on site, the COVID-19 pandemic forced teams to go remote rather than being able to work onsite. As a result of this massive shift, GDH was able to source talent from all over the U.S. This increased the talent pool greatly, and the initial teams could train additional teams, further increasing the pace of migration.


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