Long-Term Staffing Solution for a Major Technical Solutions Provider

GDH achieved a long-term staffing solution for a major third-party provider of technical solutions and integrations that needed help finding qualified staff to meet immediate needs and complete quick-turnaround projects. These included systems installations, technology upgrades, and project planning as well as operational tasks.


GDH was tasked with assisting the talent acquisition team with sourcing and hiring the necessary staff; some for a limited time or for a temporary need, and others for longer-term or permanent positions. As a nationwide technology solutions integrator, the provider’s needs were extremely diverse and often was based on their end client, which added to the challenges of finding the right personnel.

Perhaps the largest challenge was the need to provide staff immediately. With a looming backlog of integrations to be performed, GDH didn’t have the leeway of spending weeks or months trying to find the “perfect” people for the job(s). Once those connections were made, GDH’s strategy turned to retention to ensure optimum success.


The technical solutions provider partnered with GDH to provide recruiting services that helped them source talent quickly. GDH had the expertise to source workers for both temporary needs and longer-term solutions across a number of different industries and locations.

With GDH’s help, the provider can now handle rapid fluctuations in projects that may require scaling up or down in a matter of days or weeks. GDH’s services are built to handle rapid expandability, and give the provider access to a top-notch talent pool full of ready-to-go candidates. GDH’s relationship managers were also able to provide support to personnel for greater retention and higher job satisfaction.


GDH was able to provide over 7,500 staff in the following positions over several years: Administrative Assistants, Configuration Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, Data Stage Technicians, Dispatchers, Help Desk, Helper, Project Managers, Security Technicians, Spotter, and Training Managers, among others.

These staff members were placed at a number of diverse locations across several states. GDH was able to foster and maintain a close relationship with the provider and with the personnel that were placed to ensure that needs were met all around.

  • Over 7,500 personnel placed in varied roles
  • Multiple locations, positions, shifts served
  • Long-term relationship created
  • Deep focus on retention

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recruiter working on a long-term staffing solution plan

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