Major Healthcare Legacy Migration & Enhancement

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The challenge lay in migrating legacy platforms to the new system while ensuring uninterrupted patient services on existing voice and video platforms. This undertaking required a comprehensive operational assessment to identify unsupported services, legacy systems not leveraged, and the seamless integration of 22 locations. With the state’s healthcare system serving a vast patient base across multiple facilities, maintaining service continuity during the transition was paramount.


GDH’s Project Team Services introduced a comprehensive solution leveraging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) calling. This innovative approach enabled the transmission of voice calls over SIP trunks or channels, consolidating voice and data capabilities across multiple locations.

The implementation of SIP calling not only addressed immediate operational challenges but also laid the foundation for long-term scalability and adaptability. By streamlining communication efficiency within and between facilities, including remote sites such as clinics, assisted living facilities, and prisons, the solution enhanced overall operational efficiency and patient care delivery. Moreover, the solution’s scalability and future-readiness ensure continued support for the healthcare system’s growth and evolving technological needs. It enables seamless integration with emerging technologies and facilitates ongoing optimization efforts to meet changing healthcare demands.

Overall, the SIP calling solution provided by GDH not only achieved immediate cost savings but also positioned the healthcare system for sustainable success, driving operational efficiencies, enhancing patient care, and ensuring long-term value.


The implementation of integrated SIP calling resulted in a remarkable 60% reduction in operational costs system-wide. Specifically, in one area, costs plummeted from $7 million to $1.2 million annually, demonstrating the tangible benefits of the new system’s efficiency gains. By eliminating legacy platforms and associated costs for PRI circuits, the healthcare system achieved significant cost savings while streamlining staffing overhead. For instance, the deployment of TelePresence in a prison environment eliminated the need for patient transportation to external facilities, saving $252,000 annually in transportation costs and mitigating risks associated with prisoner transport.

  • 60% reduction in operational costs system-wide
  • Saved $252,000 annually in transportation costs
  • Facilitated a transformation of legacy platforms

Discover how GDH’s innovative solutions can revolutionize your healthcare operations. Our expertise in legacy platform migration and SIP calling integration delivered a 60% reduction in operational costs and substantial annual savings. Transform your system with GDH’s proven approach to enhancing efficiency, patient care, and long-term value.

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