Modernizing Communications: Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Connectivity Through Virtualization

In the ever-evolving landscape of communications, the adoption of virtual machines (VMs) has become a cornerstone for operational efficiency and innovation. This case study dives into the transformational journey of a major wireless communications company as it navigated the shift from traditional physical hardware to virtualized solutions. The company sought to not only enhance agility in its product development but also address the decline in managed services by introducing a cutting-edge virtualized system.


Tasked with transitioning from physical hardware to a virtualized format, the communications company’s product development team faced the dual challenge of increasing agility and reversing the declining trend in managed services. Customers, desiring advanced technologies beyond simple network notifications, sought a solution that could harness communication resources for consultation. Additionally, the integration of legacy systems into the new virtualized framework added complexity to the project.


The communications company hired GDH’s Project Team Services (PTS) to expedite product development for various businesses and reduce time to market. The partnership resulted in the successful launch of a groundbreaking managed services product. This innovation seamlessly integrated into the communication provider’s end-to-end process, empowering clients to connect with internal systems such as billing, customer databases, and information feeds. Furthermore, the solution facilitated vendor flexibility, allowing the internal company to navigate between vendors effortlessly.


GDH’s PTS collaboration yielded remarkable outcomes. The new product was delivered three months ahead of schedule, reducing time-to-market by an impressive 40%. Initial deployment to five customers received a perfect satisfaction rating, paving the way for further client onboarding. The managed services product, now a vital addition to the company’s portfolio, continues to be launched successfully, marking a pivotal success in the communication provider’s journey towards innovation and connectivity excellence.

  • Product delivered three months ahead of schedule
  • Reduced time-to-market by 40%
  • Initial deployment received perfect satisfaction rating

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