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Business changes – relocations, expansions, consolidations – are common, but they can often be challenging. On its own, consolidating several locations into one is a substantial undertaking. Add in having to bring together different business systems and configurations, and the job can be difficult to tackle without some experience.

The entire idea of consolidation is to provide benefits to the business in the form of cost savings or other efficiencies. But the risk of approaching consolidation wrong is substantial. Any missteps could result in downtime, lost customers, and frustrated staff who are already dealing with a major change.

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The bank’s Global Wealth and Management Top 5 US Bank had a plan to consolidate three sites into one, moving hundreds of users and the corresponding equipment into a new location. To do this, they needed to make sure all necessary networking equipment was installed, the network had appropriate bandwidth to house the users, and all legacy equipment in the abandoned sites was properly decommissioned.

They chose to work with a IT integrator, who was our client. Our client did not have the existing human resources to devote to managing this short-term project, and hiring more permanent personnel seemed impractical given the project’s transitional nature.


GDH was able to immediately engage in support, and deliver an effective solution that was leveraged by our industry expertise and a pre-identified pool of top talent. With the creation of a well-defined 6-month plan, GDH was able to coordinate multiple resources for the procurement and delivery of new equipment, decommission legacy equipment and maintaining adherence to both a tight timeline and budget, GDH was able to successfully complete the project. Without the capabilities and readiness of GDH, the project would most certainly have struggled due to the inability of the existing staff to manage the workload needed for the transition.


GDH’s project management team completed the project both in a timely manner as well with needed deadlines. Hundreds of workers were moved into the new location, with no discernable impact on the bank’s network. The project was successful and helped the IT integrator meet its stated goals, providing top customer service for the client.

GDH offered talented and professional help for the project in a timely manner consistent with needed deadlines.

  • GDH provided talented and professional help for the project in timely manner and met deadlines
  • IT Integrator was able to meet its stated goals, providing top customer service for the client
  • Consolidated hundreds of workers seamlessly into one new location

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