Revolutionizing Supply Chain: A Success Saga in Technology Integration

In the ever-evolving landscape of warehousing and transportation, technology plays a pivotal role in optimizing supply chain management. The transition from legacy systems to advanced solutions, such as Blue Yonder’s (formerly JDA) cloud-based platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, presents both opportunities and challenges for companies seeking operational excellence.

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A leader in the food supply industry, a global food production company, faced a significant hurdle in upgrading their Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Blue Yonder. The integration posed challenges ranging from end user training to overall change management, necessitating the rapid development of a large-scale training initiative across the Transportation division.


To address this challenge, GDH stepped in as a strategic partner, providing invaluable support in accelerating the adoption of the new JDA software, modernizing their supply chain using the cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our team of consultants played a crucial role in training and supporting user adoption, optimizing inventory and labor in real-time, and enhancing customer experiences.


The collaboration with GDH yielded remarkable outcomes for the global food production company. Over 40 consultants were successfully placed with 12 transitioning to become full-time team members. Positive reviews poured in from employees in distribution centers, expressing gratitude for the comfortable and effective collaboration with our consultants within the new software platform. The GDH Project Team implemented a productivity project tracking solution resulting in significant savings of $45 million, a 5% increase in on-time deliveries, and a $4 million annual reduction in risk through Quality Hold Release. GDH’s capabilities in Blue Yonder, JDA, WMS, Warehouse Labor Management (WLM), Warehouse Execution System (WES), Warehouse Control System (WCS), Technical & Functional Support, and Workforce Solutions proved instrumental in driving these impactful results.

  • $45 million in savings
  • 5% increase in on-time deliveries
  • Initial deployment received perfect satisfaction rating
  • Expedited and streamlined the hiring process
  • Onboarded large number of people in short amount of time

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