GDH Streamlines Onboarding to Overcome Staffing Challenges

A large federal integrator engaged GDH to address a critical backlog within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The project involved receiving and reviewing 1,950 resumes, conducting background checks, and other screening processes. However, only 615 data entry clerks were ultimately hired across three states to fulfill the task of inputting previous years’ paper returns and correspondence into the IRS’ electronic systems within a tight deadline.


A large federal integrator faced a significant challenge due to the urgent need to clear the IRS backlog swiftly. Moreover, the stringent background checks required for Public Trust access through the eQIP system added complexity to the hiring process. GDH had to navigate this process efficiently to ensure timely onboarding while operating in an environment of low unemployment and staffing shortages, especially in downtown areas where the project was based


In addition to staffing, GDH provided a dedicated project coordination team and comprehensive project services. This encompassed managing onboarding, timekeeping, shift coverage, and addressing any issues that arose with consultants throughout the project duration. The project coordination team thoroughly understood the eQIP background check system and onboarding requirements, which facilitated the seamless integration of our team into the project. This comprehensive approach enabled faster onboarding of candidates, accelerating the resolution of the backlog. Despite the staffing challenges and the stringent background check requirements, GDH initiated the onboarding process for a significant number of candidates. GDH’s project team successfully sourced and onboarded over 615 staff members, meeting the project’s urgent staffing requirements.


The project resulted in the successful hiring of over 615 data entry clerks who played a crucial role in clearing the backlog. The initial backlog was cleared, and the largest location is still operational to address current and future needs. GDH continues to support this location by providing staffing solutions to accommodate varying needs and turnover rates, ensuring the ongoing success of the project.

  • Rapidly onboarded 615+ data entry clerks
  • Dedicated project coordination and HR team
  • Streamlined an extensive background check process
  • Ongoing staffing relationship
  • Delivered effective solutions under challenging circumstances
  • Provided staffing solutions to address critical business needs

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