Insurance Company Faces Cybersecurity Audit

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After subsequent failed audits, our Client was facing massive risks of financial penalties or even closure. The CISO/CTO and the CIO were jointly tasked with ownership to ensure that their business passed a final audit before regulatory penalties were assessed. They faced a tight deadline of three weeks, lack of internal expertise, and disagreements on how to conduct the audit internally. Our Client required assistance in three critical areas where they fell short in previous audits – Business Process Documentation, Security Policy Documentation, and Gap Analysis. Our Client enlisted GDH expertise to achieve a successful outcome.


GDH conducted an initial assessment with the CISO/CTO and CIO of the critical failure points in prior audits. Our approach was to assemble a “strike team” to conduct Rapid Business Impact Analysis and Critical Cyber Security Assessments. The GDH Analysts and Cyber Security Assessment team that was assembled was granted immediate access to our client’s internal networks, passwords, and critical systems. As the team uncovered vulnerabilities, they diligently documented each one and conducted the necessary assessments.


The Cybersecurity Assessments were completed within the agreed-upon 3-week timeline. We delivered a comprehensive remediation plan to the insurance company, outlining all the vulnerabilities that were discovered. Armed with this knowledge and a roadmap for improvement, the CISO/CTO was able to address these issues internally, ultimately leading to a successful audit outcome. GDH’s swift action saved the company from potential fines and a possible shutdown in just three weeks.

  • 3-week timeline before potential fines or a possible shutdown
  • GDH provided a strike team of analysts and cyber security experts
  • Successful audit outcome

Ensure your business’s security and audit success! GDH’s expert strike teams and comprehensive cybersecurity assessments can help your organization overcome audit challenges and achieve regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to learn how our expert strike teams and comprehensive assessments can safeguard your business and ensure regulatory compliance. Let’s secure your future together.

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