How Your Business Can Rapidly Scale Hiring Using RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a type of recruiting that provides some or all recruiting functions depending on what the company needs. At a time when businesses need to scale hiring rapidly to meet spiraling post-pandemic demand, RPO partners with businesses to meet their fast-growing needs.

How RPO Scales with Growth 

Hiring using RPO can be more affordable than using a recruiting agency, which demands a hefty percentage of each employee’s first-year salary as a fee. RPO services differ from those of an agency’s. They have lower costs when you begin hiring one or two people, but they scale up as you hire more workers. 

That’s because RPO providers charge based on the services they render; not how many hires are made. If more services are rendered and more time is spent on hiring tasks, the costs will be higher. 

Candidates From Unlikely Sources

RPOs use technology including AI to source candidates from the most unlikely places. As one example, a hospital needing nurses with surgical experience used an RPO provider to reach out to unemployed school nurses and teaching nurses to fill the positions. The ability to find more candidates for hard-to-fill positions can make all the difference in whether staffing levels can lead to growth or sustain it. 

Automated candidate sourcing software can source candidates around the world in minutes, saving your hiring team significant time. 

RPOs Are Agile

The agility of an RPO helps it to hire quickly in times when quick hiring is needed. For many businesses, quick hiring is needed in one of the following two scenarios:

1. An essential employee quits or leaves for another position.

2. You get a large amount of new work or a large project existing employees can’t handle.

In both scenarios, RPO can swiftly find candidates to fill these positions, which will save your company thousands of dollars.

RPO Gives You a Team

Can your business afford to hire an entire team of full-time recruiting professionals? Most small to mid-sized companies can’t afford that much talent. By using RPO, you’ll get the expertise of a full, highly experienced team for less money.

The typical RPO team includes individuals with expertise in technology, sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding. It would be unusual to find one individual that had the same level of expertise in all these areas. If you did, that individual would command a premium salary that most small businesses couldn’t afford. Your RPO team is the best way to get that expertise affordably. 

GDH wants to be your RPO team. If your business could use top notch hiring expertise and help, contact us today.

Posted on April 20, 2022, 08: 15AM

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