team fast tracks energy provider migration

GDH Fast Tracks Energy Provider Migration

System upgrades are often complex and time-consuming for IT staff to handle along with their usual workload. While the process is becoming more automated and easier to execute, there are always glitches and problems to troubleshoot along the way that require more resources than companies may have available. 

When one of the largest energy providers in the United States, with over 9 million customers, needed to upgrade their payment system for suppliers, their SIPS Team (Supplier Information Process Solutions) turned to GDH and achieved results even faster than expected.


The SIPS Team (Supplier Information Process Solutions) for one of the largest energy providers works on the supplier master database supporting all of their Enterprise Accounts and Accounts Payable for the company.

With a backlog of 1,000 invoices to migrate, the team was looking at a timeline of seven to eight months to complete the process before the new Oracle Cloud system could become fully operational.  At the same time, newly acquired companies needed to be integrated into the system, further stressing their existing staff.

The energy company needed personnel skilled in Microsoft Office with a customer service background who could quickly learn the processes needed for migration and become self-sufficient. And they needed those team members urgently. 


After a discovery meeting with GDH, it became clear that the energy company’s needs could be met by GDH’s recruiting process. In less than two weeks, potential team members were deployed to take on this increased workload and execute the migration. 

The turnaround was so quick because the team was sourced from GDH’s existing talent pool within days of learning about the energy company’s needs. This allowed the energy provider to concentrate its resources on other projects and ongoing HR administration.

team working together on a migration


After several weeks of intensive onboarding due to existing company procedures, the new team was able to easily execute the migration in a much shorter time frame than originally expected. With the payment system upgraded and the backlog of invoices migrated, the original team has since moved on to work on other projects within the company. 

The energy provider was so pleased with the migration, that new GDH team members have been hired to handle the ongoing needs of the new payment system. 

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