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Hospitality Staffing Solution: Overcome the Hospitality IT Skills Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation were a one-two punch to many industries, and hospitality is no exception, with many travel and leisure companies still having trouble finding IT workers three years later.

Understanding the Hospitality Worker Shortage

Despite gains in hiring, the hospitality industry is experiencing an IT staffing shortage that makes it hard to operate at peak efficiency. Clearly, available workers are not sufficient to keep up with demand, even three years after pandemic shutdowns.

Specific skills currently in high demand include software engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and UX designers. Finding workers with these skills has been challenging, since IT graduates don’t realize how huge technology has become in the hospitality industry. Hospitality owners can maximize their chances by using hospitality staffing solutions like recruiters, who are skilled in finding top talent.

The Role of Staffing Solutions in Overcoming the Skills Shortage

Outsourced staffing solutions help businesses leverage recruiters and other personnel with expertise in sourcing and hiring top technology talent. Not only will staffing personnel be able to use their own talent pools and other sourcing methods to find talent in places your company cannot, but staffing needs can be handled entirely by the staffing solution company, leaving your company staff free to do their own important work.

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Implementing Effective Staffing Solutions in the Hospitality IT Industry

Salaries have risen in the hospitality industry, but it has not been enough to attract the needed IT staff. When combined with retirements and workers who became skittish about re-entering the industry after the prolonged uncertainty during COVID-19, it is clear that hospitality companies need all the help they can get if they hope to staff at optimal levels.

Here are some steps outsourced staffing services providers will take to find the staff you need:

  • Using their own talent pools 
  • Partnering with technology schools to work with talent near graduation
  • Suggesting cost-effective benefits that will compete for top talent
  • Mining referral sources and setting up easy-to-implement referral programs
  • Tailoring solutions to specific business needs

The Long-term Benefits of Addressing the Skills Shortage

Overworking your existing IT staff will only get you so far in the post-COVID environment. The time to overcome ongoing staffing shortages is now if you want to have the most positive impact on your business.

When you are staffed appropriately, you will see improvements across the board which can then impact operational efficiencies and your ability to implement appropriate technologies. Hiring managers can take a proactive approach in addressing the skills shortage by ensuring a positive candidate experience, communicating effectively with candidates, and completing hiring tasks in a timely manner.
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