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The Future of Recruiting and Staffing: Insights from GDH’s Award-Winning Service

The staffing and recruiting industry is constantly evolving and changing. In the last five years alone, there has been a radical shift from mostly in-person interviews and full time positions to many remote or hybrid positions including many temporary or contract positions.Technology has also evolved to incorporate remote interviewing, automated or assisted application and resume screening, which has further changed recruiting methods. 

GDH’s award-winning staffing and recruiting services are at the cutting edge of these changes, taking full advantage of everything technology has to offer in sourcing the best possible talent. GDH has also adopted best practices for virtual recruiting methods like Zoom or video interviews, applicant screening, and virtual onboarding systems. Getting the results you need has never been easier with GDH’s highly effective recruiting methods.

The Role of Technology in GDH’s Success

Recruiting and staffing are now highly technological industries, and GDH has from the start leveraged the latest technologies to enhance their recruiting services for maximum effectiveness. Using data analytics to match jobs with the right candidates and evaluate past performance in doing so is one of the ways GDH leverages technology. 

AI and automation are still in the early stages of use, but already users can see what may come of these technologies when they are fully developed. By adopting these technologies in their early stages, GDH has ensured that their methods will keep up with constantly improving technologies as time goes on.

Client-Centric Approach: A Key to GDH’s Awards

A great deal of GDH’s award-winning success comes from its client-centric approach, which focuses on specific needs and works to meet them. GDH has earned the Best of Staffing Client Award for the past 15 years by making the needs of their clients their top priority and working to meet those needs. 

GDH spends a large portion of their time building relationships with clients and learning about them so that they have a deep understanding of their staffing needs and can fulfill their requests as quickly as possible. GDH has used social media and other forms of networking to find better talent, faster than many clients thought possible. 

No matter how technology evolves and the changes it will bring to recruiting and staffing, client relationships and needs will always be the most important part of the process for GDH.

Talent Satisfaction and Retention Strategies

It’s one thing to source qualified talent and quickly fulfill staffing needs, but talent satisfaction and retention is an entirely different undertaking. It is here that GDH’s drive to do more and do it better really shines. Not only does GDH place talent in the best possible position for success, but GDH recruiters also continue the relationship, asking about job satisfaction and making sure the employee is as engaged as possible in the job. 

GDH is well-positioned to integrate future trends in talent management and retention in the staffing industry. One of the biggest trends in 2024 is bringing more employees back into the office when they have been remote since 2020, which has caused issues with retention and required new recruiting methods. AI in recruiting is another future trend that GDH is already integrating into their processes. 

Finally, Generation Z is poised to become a bigger part of the workforce, which means that recruiting methods will have to adapt to their unique needs. Gen Z is much more focused on psychological safety and well-being in the workplace and has grown up in a more virtual environment than other generations.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Like most recruiters, GDH works for and is paid by companies seeking talent, but that does not make employee engagement and satisfaction any less important to the job they are doing. GDH recognizes that unsatisfied employees are less likely to be retained over the long term, and will lead to more unsuccessful recruiting efforts. 

Because relationships with talent pipelines are paramount to finding and retaining the talent companies and organizations need, GDH focuses on employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Staffing firms know that employee experience is becoming more and more important to hiring. GDH is focused on providing a positive employee experience through the hiring process in order to attract the best possible talent to the organizations they serve. 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Staffing

GDH is strongly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and it shows in the above average diversity hiring numbers it has demonstrated. GDH consistently hires 15-20% more women and people of color than the national average. 

GDH’s DEI Council was formed to craft goals for diverse hiring and monitor the company’s efforts to focus on diversity in hiring, guiding GDH strategies so they yield the best results. 

GDH was named to Clearlyrated’s Best Staffing Firms for Women in 2024, an honor bestowed on only .1% of U.S. staffing firms. 

CEO of GDH J.J. Hurley said of the award,  “At GDH, we believe in the importance of creating a workplace that celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for all. As a company, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where all employees, regardless of gender, feel valued, empowered, and supported in their professional growth.”

To qualify for the honor, a staffing firm must be highly rated by female employees, have 47% or more of women on staff, and have women be highly represented in leadership roles. It is this kind of commitment to diversity that GDH brings to all of its clients as well.Searching for the premier staffing agency? We’re it.

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