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Navigating Your Job Search: How a Workforce Solutions Company Can Help

Workforce solution firms work with companies to help them find great talent when they need it, and that talent can include job-seekers like you.

Understanding the Role of a Workforce Solutions Company

The role of a workforce solutions company in the job search/recruiting process is to find and source the talent an employer requires. As part of that role, a staffing consultant may be looking for job seekers and passive candidates who are a good fit for jobs they need to fill.

Many companies use workforce solutions companies because they can’t handle all of the tasks required for successful recruiting on their own. Many HR departments are not set up to handle hiring and recruiting successfully and they often turn to consultants to bridge this gap. Consultants may also work to build a talent pipeline so that talent is identified before the need arises or take other steps to make the hiring process more efficient.

The Benefits of a Workforce Solutions Company

It’s not only part of a consultant’s job to find talent, but to help that talent understand the job description and in some cases, prepare for interviews. The better a staffing consultant can get to know you as a job seeker, the more successful they will be at determining whether you are a good fit for any of the job openings they are looking to fill. And job seekers will have additional help and support as they look to find their next job, too. It’s a win-win.

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How a Workforce Solutions Company Facilitates Your Job Search

A workforce solutions company takes specific steps to make sure neither candidates nor hiring teams waste their time on pointless interviews because they aren’t right for each other. Pre-screening interviews and assessments ensure that the interview is warranted and skills are a match. When the skills match, further coaching can be provided so that the interview goes well.

In the IT field, for example, a candidate may be prescreened to make sure they have the right certifications for the position. Then, in the interview, candidates may be asked to write some sample code or role play a tech support call to ensure they can perform if they get the job. Staffing consultants prepare candidates for these tasks and make sure they know what to expect.

While it may seem time-consuming and cumbersome to work with a workforce solutions company during your job search, the benefits could mean the difference between interview after fruitless interview and finding a job that furthers your career. If you are interested in staffing consulting benefits in your own job search, contact GDH.Need an ally on your career path? We’re it.

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